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The Meaning of Your Birth Date Number in Numerology

Each numerology number has certain vibration and energy which is influenced by the specific planet. Numbers have own compatibility with each other, if they compatible, this is good signal otherwise not. So, everyone is impacted by life path number which is the prime number According to Chaldean Numerology and birthday number Prime number according to Cheiro Numerology and another 3 name numbers.

Each number can be same or different, thus life can be influenced by many numbers. Which method is most reliable Cheiro or Chaldean Both methods are extremely right, so we take both methods for compatibility. Although, it is better to take the final result to determine compatibility score which is an average of both methods.

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When should I change my name Changing of birth date is impossible, but a name can be changed if the name is not enough compatible with birth date. It is up to you, higher the average percentage which you obtained, lower need to change the name. If there is the conflict between life path number and name numbers or birthday number and main name number, you can check your same name with little alterations or by name change or by your another name.

As an example, for a birth date 21 March and name Puja, average percentage is These are numerology anticipate only, name change is totally up to you. Numerology has other different branches also like Pythagorean Name Numerology etc.

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And here, we follow Chaldean and Cheiro numerology system. Get Your Complete Numerology Reading. Go ahead in taking the first important step to bring success and happiness to your new born baby and to yourself. Highly dedicated and sincere in their work, whatever doubts you ask they respond to it very well. We are satisfied and happy. Also visit their website for more details. We are very much satisfied with the name suggested by Dr.

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Very dedicated and personalized approach for each and every consultation. We are very much happy that Dr. Raja suggestion.. Thanks to Dr. Raja and Shobha".

Jathagam of a new born

Sundhar Raja - he is a well known branding consultant giving company names for success using his vast knowledge in Astrology and Numerology. My Uncle and Aunt had confusion in choosing a good name for my nephew, they were not able to decide and after contacting Ms. Shobha over phone, we decided to meet Dr.

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  7. He has clearly explained the logic in giving the right name for a child from the beginning and gave us the lucky starting letters and then out of the 12 names selected, he chose a very good name. We all liked the name. Thank you Dr. Raja Sir".

    Baby Names Numerology Calculator

    Now I understand the importance of using both astrology chart and numerology numbers. Me and my wife will certainly use the auspicious dates and lucky colors as given by you. Words aren't enough to express our gratitude for your valuable input and suggestions in deciding our baby's name. We are truly happy.

    5) Life Path number

    Thanking you and Ms. Shobha very much. Sundhar Raja Sir and Shobha Madam. Raja have given very good inputs for me and my child to have a better future. There was an aura of positive energy and that was imparted to me as well. Looking forward for their advice in all future ventures". Raja sir and very much impressed on answers provided to us and this makes us a great confidence on my baby future and special thanks to Shobha mam to make this happen, thank you so much and looking for great support in the future.

    Mr Sundhar Raja explained in detail how important a name is as it should provide all the prosperity to not only to the particular person but also to others who around. Worth the visit.

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    5. He believes strongly that only GOD should decide the date and time of birth of a child. However, using Astrology and baby name Numerology Dr. Raja will help you to choose the Lucky Name for your child after delivery. You can pay by credit or debit cards, Paytm etc. PR Sundhar Raja Ph. Some famous examples of successful celebrities, who changed their name after consulting with the famous numerologist in India: Inquilab Shrivastava small time actor became Amitabh Bachan Big B Shivaji Rao Gaekwad bus conductor became Rajinikanth Super Star Dr.